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The road to recovery is one phone call away. Your first consultation is free of charge.

About Us

Dr. Boxin Wanglin has 35 years of experience in the field of acupuncture.

Acupuncture Services

Trust our acupuncture services to treat various illnesses and health conditions.

Preventive Care

Herbal medication has fewer side effects and promotes natural healing.

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Schedule your appointment with Dr. Boxin Wanglin online for your convenience.

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Registered Acupuncture Centre in Edmonton

Visit us at our registered acupuncture centre in Edmonton, where relief from persistent health conditions is within reach. Dr. Boxin Wanglin, our highly experienced acupuncturist with 35 years of expertise in traditional Chinese medicine, leads our dedicated team. At Healthcare Acupuncture Centre, we offer a range of treatments, including acupuncture, cupping, and herbal medicine, providing solutions beyond conventional methods. Dr. Wanglin's intricate knowledge of body pressure points allows for precise treatments, using thin needles to address various depths. Our therapies aim not only to alleviate pain but also to promote overall well-being.

If you're seeking alternatives to conventional medicine, our Edmonton acupuncture centre is dedicated to offering a holistic approach. We prioritize personalized care and natural healing solutions tailored to your individual needs. Take the first step towards optimal health and book an appointment with us. Our team is committed to providing a comforting and effective healing experience, helping you to a healthier and more balanced life. Call us.

What Can Acupuncture Treat?

We provide acupuncture to treat a variety of conditions. It can be helpful to mitigate chronic pain associated with:



Neck pain

Muscle pain

Back pain

Menstrual cramps

Sports-related injuries

Other than that, it can be successful in conditions such as:

Immune system problems

Cancer treatment side effects

Hot flashes

Repetitive strain disorders



Pregnancy discomforts

Face pain

Nerve discomfort

Our acupuncturist can help you; please contact us and talk to us about your medical issue.

Acupuncture Therapy Procedure

One of the hallmarks of our treatment is that we devise a treatment plan based on your concerns. For this reason, every treatment schedule looks different as per the needs of our clients. However, generally speaking, our acupuncturist at our acupuncture centre in Edmonton will do the following during a session:

Needle insertion: We will strategically insert needles into certain areas of your body. Since the needles are extremely thin, the insertion causes minimal discomfort. Typically, a session might involve 5-10 needles.

Needle manipulation: We might gently move the needles around after applying heat or mild electrical pulses. Again, this causes minimal discomfort.

Needle removal: In most scenarios, we let the needles stay in for 15-20 minutes while you take the time to unwind. There will be no pain when we remove the needles.

Would you like to learn more? Please contact us at the acupuncture centre in Edmonton today. Alternatively, you can find out more information on our FAQs page.

How Does Acupuncture Feel?

Many people fear that our acupuncture therapy in Edmonton will cause them pain. However, this is far from the truth. We use hair-thin needles for the procedure. When we insert the needles into certain areas, you might feel a dull ache or pressure that is not painful. We have years of experience and use the needles in a way that relaxes you.

Free Assessment 

To assess the health issues you may be experiencing and propose an appropriate treatment plan, we offer a free consultation on your first visit to the clinic. If you want to try our clinic’s acupressure treatment, we have a gift coupon worth $30 for first-time visitors. Furthermore, a single acupuncture treatment is discounted to $55 for students, children and seniors.

consulting doctor
healing treatment

Acupuncture: A 4,000-Year-Old Healing Technique

Acupuncture is an ancient medicine that promotes the body’s self-healing process by stimulating acupuncture points. This is done by inserting sterile needles into the skin, followed by heat, pressure or electrical stimulation, depending on the condition that is being treated. At Healthcare Acupuncture Centre, our acupuncture centre in Edmonton, Dr. Boxin Wanglin has decades of experience in this field, and she knows the kind of treatment your body needs. You can call our clinic or book an appointment online.

Herbal Medicine


Experience the difference between herbal medicine when you consult Dr. Boxin Wanglin. This type of medication has various benefits for you, which include fewer side effects and cost-effectiveness compared to conventional medicine. We believe in the saying, “Prevention is better than cure,” and herbal medicines help us fulfil this belief.

herbal medicines

Acupuncture for Mental Wellness

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our body's vital energy, known as "qi," flows through meridian pathways. Disruptions in this flow can lead to illnesses. By targeting specific pressure points along these pathways, acupuncture aims to restore balance, activate healing, and promote wellness.

Qi regulates our emotional and physical balance. Factors like injuries, emotional traumas, and stress can disrupt this balance. Acupuncture can help by releasing endorphins, reducing cortisol levels, and enhancing blood circulation. This holistic approach aids in alleviating stress and depression and promoting a sense of rejuvenation.

Acupuncture as Preventative Care

Beyond treating specific conditions, acupuncture serves as a preventive measure. Addressing root causes and enhancing overall health fortifies the immune system, aligns the mind, and contributes to long-term well-being. Embrace acupuncture for a harmonious balance of body and mind.

Why Choose Us?

When exploring acupuncture therapy or Chinese medicine, you should only turn to someone you can trust. There are many reasons to choose Healthcare Acupuncture Centre, such as:

We have years of experience.

We offer personalized and holistic therapies.

We offer comprehensive treatments and therapies.

We offer free assessments.

We provide a comfortable environment.

New Patients Welcome

Are you having any health issues? Visit our clinic. New patients are always welcome!

Truly Blessed to Have Met Dr. Boxin

“I am truly blessed to have met Dr. Boxin in my lifetime. After numerous visits and several ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors for a period of 8 months, I was clinically diagnosed as having Ménière’s disease. Doctors gave me prescriptions to alleviate my symptoms. After eight months of going back and forth to doctors, nothing changed. My sister is seeing Dr. Boxin. I then decided to give it a try with acupuncture. After 6 treatments with Boxin, I am comfortable in saying that she is indeed doing something in reducing my symptoms. Now I can tolerate Ménière’s disease.”


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